2022 Lucky Bag ¥55,000 Bag D
2022 Lucky Bag ¥55,000 Bag D
2022 Lucky Bag ¥55,000 Bag C
2022 Lucky Bag ¥110,000 A
2022 Lucky Bag ¥110,000 A
2022 Lucky Bag ¥55,000 Bag C
2022 Lucky Bag ¥55,000 Bag C

2022 Lucky Bag ¥55,000 Bag C

<Sneak Peak for Lucky Bag ¥33,000 Bag A>
A Fox and Hakata Weave Duo Material Scarf (¥72,050 tax incl.) made of fox fur and Hakata Weave Textile (Kimono grade fabric) is guaranteed to be in this lucky bag ¥55,000 Bag A. This bag contains three (3) items which have a total value of more than ¥181,000JP (Approximately $1,570.00US) for the price of ¥33,000(tax included).

Lucky Bag is a Japanese New Year custom in which merchants make grab bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial discount.  We will not let you be disappointed.  Try our New Years Lucky Bag and enjoy our quality products for unbelievably less price!


¥ 167,420

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Scarf dimension
One Size
(Fur Length) 57.5cm/22.6in
(Fur Width) 9.0cm/3.5in
(Hakata Weave Length) 187.0cm/73.6in
(Hakata Weave Width) 9.0cm/3.5in
※The dimension may slightly different as this is a handcrafted scarf.
Colour |

Fox fur (Sustainable biodegradable material)
Hakata Weave (Obi Silk)

Weight 0.32 kg