CHIE IMAI Russian Sable Knit Scarf 

Purchase this product and raise funds with us! Sales of this product will benefit research for paralysis and spinal code injuries. It supports spinal cord patients through the CHRISTOPHER & DANA REEVE FOUNDATION.
Wrap this scarf around your neck to shut out cold air. It’s small enough to put in your purse.  It is an excellent addition in your travel bag too.

¥ 116,519

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Materials |
(scarf body) Russian salbe
*Russian sable is considered to be the highest in quality in furs.
(Tassel) polyester

Color |
dark brown
*Colour may vary as the body material is organic and natural.

Size | Dimensions
(Scarf Body) Length 57cm/22.4in. x Width 7 cm/ 2.7in.
(Tassel diameter) 8.5cm/ 3.3in