¥ 3,618,000

  • CAD: CAD$ 42,580
  • USD: USD$ 33,553
  • EUR: €27,280
  • GBP: £24,096



materials: mink

color: blue

body length: 84 cm

shoulder width: 29 cm

bust: 135 cm

sleeve length: 68 cm

sleeve width: 53 cm

armholes: 64 cm

hem: 172 cm

Producing a MOSAIQUE de CHIE product requires extremely precise manufacturing process.  It is hand made one by one.  Therefore, the number of its production is extremely limited per year.  CHIE IMAI selects the skins of white mink in the highest quality in the market and manufacturer carefully put colours on the skins.  The stripped skins at the factory are precisely sewed in mosaic patterns by hand.


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