Fur Maintenance

  • We highly recommend that you look after your stored coat annually. Mothproofing by a qualified professional is highly recommended.
  • Avoid leaving your coat in the sun and strong lights. It can become oxidized and discoloured.
  • Hang your coat on a wide, large hanger. Space your coat away from other garments in a closet to prevent them from being pinched.
  • Put your fur coat in a breathable garment bag when you travel.
  • When you notice a hole or other wear and tear on your fur coat, have it repaired right away by an experienced professional.
  • Hang and dry your coat in a breeze when it gets wet. Avoid using a dryer. Natural skins are susceptible to excessive heat
  • Avoid spraying liquids which contain chemical substances on your coat such as hair spray or perfume.

In-house Cold Storage

The longevity of fur and leather depend on proper maintenance. Direct sun, UV, X-ray and dust and dirt are the primary enemies of fur and leather. CHIE IMAI was the first brand to develop in-house cold storage at its own premises in Japan. Storage temperatures are maintained at under 10 degrees celsius and approximately 50 percent moisture to provide an optimum environment for furs and leathers. This service is complimentary to all customers for the first year following their purchase.


Please feel free to contact us if you need to have your valuable garments cleaned. We provide cleaning services for fur and leather on a fee basis.

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