When CHIE IMAI began her career as a flight attendant, the job was still considered a glamorous profession. She developed her fashion design sensibility while running an import and export business in addition to flying around the world as a young entrepreneur.

The diversity the world offers was an eye opening experience for her. She was aware of the beauty of the Japanese culture and history while learning about the uniqueness of other cultures and countries around the world.

In today’s digital age, everyone can easily access information about the whole world simply by going online. CHIE IMAI believes that for people able to share the beauty of Japanese history and culture they must first understand the diversity of the world.

We invite your team to explore the ideas of “Peace and Harmony” that are at the centre of CHIE IMAI’s uniform designs.

From Japan to the world and to the future…

“Peace” for the graduate students of Chiba University, doctoral course

Based on the traditional western style, we integrated “Hakata weave/ Obi textile” a traditional Japanese silk weave for the graduation ceremony.
Each gown was crafted with a sheet of 100% Hakata silk weave. We cut as little of the fabric as possible in the manufacturing process yet pulled all the designs together to form the gowns.
The folded gown is generally stored on a flat surface. its appearance will inspire you to think of Japanese traditional beauty. A generous amount of silk fabric was used to craft this design and both students and faculty will enjoy the luxurious feeling of the gown.

Other uniform designs by CHIE IMAI

Kyushu University Academic Gown

Brilliant Debutantes, uniforms for future young ladies

Biennial Ball Debutante Dress for the 140th Anniversary of Austrian-Japanese Diplomatic Relations

This graceful dress in pure white with fox fur at the bust is designed in two styles.
The photo at left shows a bustier made with the traditional Japanese textile of Hakata-ori. The dress is made with a printed with a fabric skirt made of recyclable eco-friendly material from the Teijin Group.
The photo at the right shows Teijin Group’s recyclable satin fabric one-piece dress.

Aiming to create the sandwich of your dreams!

Merchen Sandwich House Uniform by CHIE IMAI

Spreading our wings to the world with love, courage and passion

Presented to Huistenbosch Opera School Students by CHIE IMAI

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