In an effort to fight COVID-19, the Chairman and Lead Designer Chie Imai of the CHIE IMAI Group does not stop. She is busy designing and handcrafting stylish face masks for each of her customers who order their dresses or suits from CHIE IMAI. The complimentary masks are made with the matching fabric each of her dresses and suits is made with.

The CHIE IMAI brand innovated this niche in the dress and suit market last season despite an extremely competitive market.

She imports and gathers rare and fine lace fabric from around the world. She designs and handcrafts each dress specific to each customer.

The matching masks can be washed in washing machines at home with a bit of care.

Custom face masks are now available as a stand alone item online. Free global shipping is available for the specific products.

Visit our website for more information.

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