Your aged fur and leather items can be renewed using the most recent techniques and styling.

Lead Designer Chie Imai and her associates at the CHIE IMAI fashion house supervise all custom reconstruction.

The aged and stored fur items in your closet can be modernized and redesigned for modern use.

Fur is a biodegradable fabric that will eventually return to the soil.

Just like cashmere and leather materials, it is natural and inevitable for fabric such as fur to oxidize and for its condition to break down over time. If your take good care of your fur items, they can be renewed and reconstructed into the latest modern fashion.

Our designers will suggest changes for the new design. They will take measurements and ensure you are satisfied with the new look.

1. Evaluation & Design
We evaluate your coat to determine if it is a good candidate to be de-constructed and redesigned. Bring your coat in person or ship it to one of our stores. Once the garment is assessed and accepted, one of our in-house fur specialists will discuss how to proceed with the re-design of your coat. We make the most of the original design and the skins.

2. Cost Estimate
When the new design is decided, we provide a cost estimate. The price varies according to the additional skins which you may choose to add.

3. Measurement
When you accept the estimate, we measure your body. We will fit you with a temporary form (toile) in order to ensure correct sizing. We have your photo taken in the toile to provide you with a visual image of the result.

4. Creating Pattern and Toile
We create the pattern and toile of your design.

5. Tweaking
We contact you when the final toile is ready. The toile is used to make any small adjustment to your body size.

6. Deconstruction & Reconstruction
After your fitting in the toile is complete, we will manufacture your garment at our atelier.

7. Inspection
Our atelier associates will inspect your completed garment.

8. Shipping
Your updated coat will be shipped to you as soon as it is ready.

Fur is a natural fibre that is easily reconstructed.

Reconstruction is one technique which makes the most of fur.

Basic estimates for reconstruction services.

When we evaluate your fur, we can give you an accurate estimate and provide design suggestions.

Reconstruction basic estimates

Base ¥280,000
Pattern ¥50,000
lining change ¥50,000
Total Approximate Cost ¥380,000

We offer complimentary estimates and consultations for reconstruc-tion. Feel free to contact us.

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